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Our Speakers



Global Terrorism Threat Update

Andrew McLaughlin                 

NCTC Regional Representative

Houston, Texas


Agroterrorism Threat Briefing

Dr. Stephen Goldsmith DVM    

FBI WMD Directorate, Biologic Countermeasures Unit

Washington DC


Bioterror Threats - Incident Recognition, Exposure Factors, and

Cleanup Response

Dr Gene Cole DrPH                 

Director of Research for LRC Indoor Testing & Research

Durham, North Carolina


Basic introduction to the BMAP,

Bomb Making Material Awareness Program

Sergeant Jeff Stalcup, Alfonzo Longoria

Plainview Police Department

Plainview, Texas


Catering provided by Desperados


Panhandle Regional Emergency Preparedness Conference 10th Year

All Hazards – All Disciplines


Date: Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

Time:  9:00 – 5:00 PM (Welcome Continental Breakfast 8:00 - 8:45AM)

Location: Amarillo Civic Center


Through our diverse speakers you will learn about terrorism from a global perspective as well as the risks that make the Texas Panhandle vulnerable.  Having a better understanding of the motivation and readily available tools used in deadly terrorist attacks will help you develop a more robust preparedness and response plan. 


This conference is open to responders, community leaders, disaster volunteers, health and medical personnel.  Conference registration fee is $20 and includes lunch.  Volunteers are ALWAYS FREE due to the generous donations of our sponsors.


North Exhibit Hall will be available for displays and responder/VOAD vehicles.  Contact Shane Brown for more information or to participate:  sbrown@theprpc.org or enolte@theprpc.org


Register now for the 2019 Conference by clicking this link:  http://r.i-info.com/Conf/PRPC

Affiliation and Title will be used on your nametag.  Please condense if possible.



Don’t miss out on the 10th year Commemorative Challenge Coin!


Breakout Sessions

Multi-Jurisdiction Improvised Explosive Device Security Plan (MJIEDSP)

Executive Level Workshop

Earlier this year the Office of Bombing Prevention conducted two tabletop exercises for our region.  For each exercise a plausible scenario was developed that impacted several communities in the panhandle. This Executive Level Workshop will provide a unique opportunity for City Officials, Senior Leadership, and other personnel to receive an overview of the MJIEDSP efforts in our community, an understanding of the unique challenges associated with responding to IED incidents and any identified areas for improvement.


Medical Community Awareness and Response to Terrorism

This breakout will be attended by public health and medical professionals.  This content will play off of the earlier briefings and discuss both local and regional response concerns as well as engage health and medical partners in an interactive learning environment.


Combined discipline breakout for Law Enforcement/Fire Rescue

·      Mass Gatherings/ Security for Soft Targets and Open-Air Events. 

·      IED Precursors and educating businesses within your jurisdiction to identify possible questionable purchases.

·      Open-Air Event Planning / IAP development, Permitting and Checklist for events.

·      Open-Air Event Scenario planning exercise.


The Office of Secure Transportation-

Keeping Nuclear Weapons Safe on America’s Highways

This breakout session will provide City Officials, Senior Leadership, Emergency Responders, Emergency Managers, as well as interested citizens an overview of Pantex hazards, as well as an insight to the people and mechanisms used to protect the nuclear weapons on their way to and from Pantex.



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